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  1. Thanks again. When I got to the page I didn't realize that was a link to send the request. I'll send another as you requested because you are correct I only need ccleaner for three PC's
  2. Well I finally found the link in very small print in a small print paragraph. They need to make it easier to find the link for support. The email has been sent.
  3. Thanks for trying to help but I cannot find any helpdesk at support@ccleaner.com. I keep getting FAQ's page and when I try to login to contact someone I get page does not exists.
  4. Why do I keep getting charged every month. I do not remember agreeing to this charge and can not find anything in my bills that say how much the total will be or for how long only that it is multiple payments. Every notice I get looks like I'm renewing my subscription again. I like your product but I need someone to contact me to help me understand what is going on.
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