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  1. The technical documentation staff seem to have used cut & paste in writing the instructions as to how to inhibit Edge's background activity. The instructions for the two different Group Policy settings addressed are the same. q.v. "... Find and double-click on the policy called ‘Allow Microsoft Edge to pre-launch at Windows startup, when the system is idle, and each time Microsoft Edge is closed’ Set the policy to ‘Enabled’ Under ‘Options’ you’ll see a ‘Configure pre-launch’ dropdown. Please select ‘Prevent pre-launching’ Find and double-click on the policy called ‘Allow Microsoft Edge to start and load the Start and New Tab page at Windows startup and each time Microsoft Edge is closed’ Set the policy to ‘Enabled’ Under ‘Options’ you’ll see a ‘Configure pre-launch’ dropdown. Please select ‘Prevent pre-launching’ …" Better attention to detail in a lackadaisical world would be welcome. Eases frustration in a frustrating matter.
  2. Yes, it's an old topic now at six pages in length, but we might as well keep it alight in case the developers ever consider this thread as worthwhile. In addition to the bland, mistaken (IMHO) look of the *etro GUI, CCleaner has a number of serious deficiencies, in my book. In Microsoft's book too, I might add, given that CC has broken a large number of Microsoft's design rules - rules that have evolved to the state they're in for good reason. The FPS look - Flat Paper Shapes - emerged for a reason that can be summed up in one word - batteries. As touch-tablet devices developed, it was found that overlapping windows and shading cues demanded far too much energy to display and control, so FPS was deemed the interface that would take the least amount of power while providing a usable and interesting experience. What drove the benighted executives at Microsoft to insult and ignore the gigantic masses of existing GUI users of XP, Vista and WIn 7, we may never know. They're probably all now contemplating their own thought processes down on river banks somewhere, fishing, having been swiftly separated from such further potential folly soon after Nadella's arrival. For 90%+ of the world, the change to FPS wasn't necessary; indeed, it was quite unnecessary. And Microsoft is reverting, as we speak. Yet, amid all the trauma and strife, here we are presented with the FPS interface in CC - and it still doesn't incorporate the functionality of a menu/ribbon (hidden or not), a Help facility that reacts to F1 (established as standard before Lotus 1-2-3?), the slightest hint as to what a cue or control within the interface might do (hover-over tips, perhaps?), disambiguation of the list items ..so as to give confidence in choosing, contrasting colours in text, an Exit (gracefully) control (wha!), and the most fundamental reason for its existence - cleaning up space - presented in type large and obvious enough not to require squinting: '999 MB to be removed' (saying nothing of the grammar) - after the Analyze run. As with the *etro interface, and the decision to impose it upon the world, CCleaner has become an ugly beast, albeit one that does a job adequately-to-well. But we should be able to hope for something different, to better, surely? I step around the interface tentatively even to this day. S Jobs, Esq's mantra was that the program should speak its purpose 'out loud'. Intuitive. Not here. Until the developers react, our only option is to avoid buying the product and search for alternatives. In that regard, the convoluted offer of a free or discounted purchase last year was a disgrace in the annals of marketing, IMO. I, for one, wish for more. 2/c
  3. There appears to be a contradiction in the information around the site, so that would be great, Nergal. Something's afoot and/or obscure. Thanks.
  4. I don't believe you're right there, Nergal. The company seems to be very coy about what it is 'selling' in the current January '14 offer. It says in the Legal section for the 'Professional' (meaning 'Home') edition, once you find it, inter alia: 'Subject to your payment of the applicable annual update fees and support fees for the relevant year, Piriform shall from time to time, via its website, make available new versions of the Product for you to download and use...' [my emphases] So what is it we're buying? What expires after a 'relevant year'? Is buying a licence more restrictive than simply downloading the product and using it? There's no 'subject to your payment...' clauses binding use of and getting updates for the unencumbered version. There's a blue button saying 'BUY NOW', and then what? Buy what? The Item field says 'CCleaner Professional Full feature set, software updates and priority support. Instant online delivery!' - but that's not exactly a set of T&Cs or a descriptive contract, is it? This is looking just a little too evasive to me. Any ideas?
  5. Sapien

    CCleaner 3

    What is it we've got here - The 212eta Forum? Ok, 212, we've got it - you want everything given to you free. Got it. No doubt you work for your bosses and tell them that it's quite okay if you're not paid. Cool. That's just not how the rest of the world works. If two ticks aren't worth your attention then it's time you packed up and trotted off into your own little delusion, isn't it? FWIW, I just accepted the installation of Chrome, not because I want it but because I'm curious as to what features it offers, and to give Piriform a bit of income for their efforts. And I put in extra work and unticked the 'Make Chrome my default..'. (When the interface smartens up (a graceful Exit button wouldn't hurt) and when records of donations are kept on the site I'll donate, too.) Hey! There's a thought, 212...
  6. Good Question, malaprop. The UI is threatening, to say the least:- CruditiesCleaner, Cleaner Settings, Applications-Tab, [Application-Name]. What would that imply to anyone who first looks at it? It looks to me as though it's saying that CC will 'clean' the application from the computer. A bit more thought in the UI design - AND HELP - is required. Otherwise the app looks quite good. Polish it up and I'll send some money. [Why do I have to scroll down a screen to Preview??] ['Add Reply'?? What happened to 'Submit'??]
  7. Why do you ask about the G/T/B instances being ticked, PW?
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