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  1. 1. There are lots of tracking and scams nowadays. It'd be nice if you include the SUBSCRIPTION DATE and/or the SUBSCRIBED EXPIRATION DATE on CCLEANER. So that subscribers know WHEN to renew, whenever CCLEANER is checked. Right now, there is NO such information. I got a notification to renew, but did NOT do anything, afraid of being scammed when I hit the link. After the notification went away, I then invoked CCLEANER, checking the expiration date in order to verify. The date is NOT there! Therefore I CANNOT verify that the notification is authentic or not. 2. It'd be nice also if you sent an email to subscribers a month ahead, so there would be NO surprise when seeing the renewal notification. 3. Try to avoid sending LINKS. LINKS can re-direct a subscriber to somewhere else! I've got lots of these from scammers. Instead, have subscribers renewing directly on CCLEANER application, or having them actively going to your website and renewing there. These are simple measures for security.
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