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  1. With Office 365 reinstalled, remove Ms OneDrive program from the PC. Run Ccleaner and then verify that Office 365 functions okay. If you use OneDrive, go out to Microsoft and reinstall the latest version of OneDrive. Corruption of the Office programs executables should not occur anymore when running Ccleaner. Works for me. Good Luck.
  2. scoobydog, As I identified in my initial input to this thread, folks who want OneDrive resident on their PC after uninstalling it can go out to Microsoft, install OneDrive, and not encounter Office executable files corruption after running CCleaner.
  3. Uninstall Microsoft OneDrive, Windows 10: Select Start button Select Settings (the gear icon) Select Apps (Apps & features page is displayed) Scroll down to Microsoft OneDrive, left click, select Uninstall
  4. Wow! I understand your frustration scoobydog. I encountered the identical problem around the same time as you (and others). I'm running an old free version (v5.01.5075, 64-bit) that I went back to when I found newer versions were getting too complicated for my needs. When the problem first occurred, I noted that the Microsoft folks had pushed out an Office 365 update just prior to that corruption of all Office programs in Office directory (can't fathom why so many folks have jumped on the shortcut angle). I didn't rule out that something in Office 365 changed that triggered the problem. I searched for solutions and dabbled with some ideas for a day and opted to just stop using CCleaner. Yesterday, I caught up on this thread that you started to see if a solution had been identified... nope. So I read up on Office 365 functionality and set out to try a few things. I won't get into why I did what I did, but can say that uninstalling the OneDrive program from the problem PC got rid of the problem. Ran CCleaner several times after removal and there was no corruption of the Office programs executables. I went out to Microsoft, installed the latest OneDrive program, and ran CCleaner. No corruption problem. If you have OneDrive installed, I suggest giving this a shot. If it works, I can fill you in on some of the install background here that got me on the path. Good Luck! RC ASQ CSQE, CQA, CBA, CQIA (retired)
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