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  1. Alas, I too am having this same issue and from reading this thread, it seems there is no solution even in the works as not one soul from Piriform has bothered to make an appearance to offer even platitudes. Initially, I thought maybe it was just my version of Windows as is ofttimes the case. I am running Windows 10 Enterprise version 10.0.18362 Build 18362, not a common release. Then I started looking for answers and solutions online and found this to be a long time issue with MANY across multiple forums. I am so very disappointed, in myself mostly for not reading up on the latest about the Piriform family of products before nose-diving into buying the whole package. I was an avid fan and promoter of all things Piriform for years, about 10 years or so ago when they were the best around, then I caught the linux bug and never looked back. It is due only to my new job as CTO that I even came back to Windohs. Live and learn. Wonder if I can get a refund....
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