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  1. Hi, I have been running Defraggler version 2.21, and wanted to update to the new version 2.22, so I bought it. I uninstalled version 2.21 restarted my PC & installed version 2.22. The moment I activated it & it opened it detected my HDD drive as SDD, & the program just locked up. windows had to close it. So I uninstalled it restarted my PC several times & reinstalled it, same thing, it detected my HDD drives as SSD, & again the program locked up. I then uninstalled it again and put my old version back in, reactivated it, & it works fine, detected my drives as HDD. I am running windows 7 professional 64 bit. service pack 1, on a Acer Desktop. Does anyone have this same problem, or does anyone know a fix, as I have sent Piriform 4 emails & not heard anything back. Maybe I will have to file a claim to get a refund, as I sure can not run the new version 2.22 DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS SAME PROBLEM ?? OR A FIX ????????
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