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  1. Thanks for the reply - I'm glad to hear that the update experience is being worked on! The page you refer to is fine, it's the one leading up to it (can't find it now) that looks like a free app download site that is misleading. It would be good to have a built-in app updater for relatively minor updates and keep the web page for major (feature) ones.
  2. I strongly agree with this. My mother has been a free CCleaner user for years and recently has started to receive intermittent prompts to upgrade to a newer version. When she does, the link to the free version is buried at the bottom of the page, and when you do select it, the next page is full of ads with huge green arrows everywhere saying "click here" which of course installs all kinds of s/w that she doesn't need and which confuses her. The CC download free link is lost in the page. Then when it downloads, it has additional s/w (Avast AV) ticked by default. IME these types of vexatious social engineering attempts to trick folks into clicking links that they don't want is completely unprofessional for a company with the reputation of Piriform, and certainly not warranted for an existing user's simple upgrade process. Other apps don't do this for a version upgrade process, so why is Piriform different? I'm on the point of uninstalling it as it causes my mother anxiety. I completely understand to need to promote paid-for versions, but I'd hope that marketing and developers might reflect on how diverse their user base is, and how what may seem for them to be obvious and regular navigation hoops to jump, are not at all obvious to some users, with a simple misstep causing unnecessary worry, which surely is the whole point of an app like CCleaner!
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