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  1. When I click the "Update All" button on the right, I do get a pop-up message as you say. The programs which updated without my knowledge or permission were Adobe Flash Player, Java, driver updates, and a whole pile of Microsoft Feature bloatware.
  2. I am a longtime home user running the free version of CCleaner. I am running Windows 10 Home. To my horror I find that CCleaner now includes Software Updater and that CCleaner has updated programs I didn't want to update. There appears to be no way to disable it. Not accessible under Tools. While I am very appreciative of CCleaner, especially the new Easy Clean, I think that forcing applications on users is not a reputable action to take. Have just updated to 5.58709 in the hope that this would remove the application, but Software Updater is still there. Please give me instructions on how to disable or remove Software Updater. thank you
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