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  1. When I click the "Update All" button on the right, I do get a pop-up message as you say. The programs which updated without my knowledge or permission were Adobe Flash Player, Java, driver updates, and a whole pile of Microsoft Feature bloatware.
  2. I am a longtime home user running the free version of CCleaner. I am running Windows 10 Home. To my horror I find that CCleaner now includes Software Updater and that CCleaner has updated programs I didn't want to update. There appears to be no way to disable it. Not accessible under Tools. While I am very appreciative of CCleaner, especially the new Easy Clean, I think that forcing applications on users is not a reputable action to take. Have just updated to 5.58709 in the hope that this would remove the application, but Software Updater is still there. Please give me inst
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