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  1. Dave CCleaner: Can you recall which 5.4x version you were updating from? Was this in response to an in-product notification advising that you were 11/12/13 released out of date? Possibly 5.44 but I'm not sure. There was a reminder that there was a newer version to download. I usually ignore those because they just tend to add bloat that I don't use. At what point did Trend Micro pop up during the first failed install attempt? Do you recall what it said when it did pop up? During the installation the progress bar was perhaps 1/3 to 1/2 across. I think TM's message was t
  2. I created an account here just to confirm (as if it was needed) that the silent install of Avast is still happening. I tried to update from v5.4x to v5.57 today. The install screen was clean (no Avast splash). I actively checked because I've been caught by it before on other PCs. Just like I check for McAffee installs with Adobe reader - once you've been caught a couple of times you remember. The upgrade failed to complete because it couldn't delete the old ccleaner executable. My existing Antivirus (trend micro) had popped up during the install so I thought maybe it was interf
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