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  1. Thanks. Yep, the default app showed "Mail" even though I set Thunderbird to default in their own settings. Yet another instance of Microsoft insisting on doing things THEIR way.
  2. I did it yesterday. No problems found. They also had a way to permanently delete Edge, but this way it can be easily restored should I ever want it back. Now I need a way to stop Microsoft's Mail from always opening when I click an email link on a website. I made Thunderbird my default email client, but Microsoft ignores that and opens Mail instead.
  3. Google had a link to disabling Edge. You find this file: "C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe" and simply rename it. In the example I saw, they added "old" to the "...we," lol.
  4. Thank you. I never thought to check the privacy settings in Windows. I've only checked them on my iphone/ipad. That's kind of suspicious that Microsoft keeps Edge running in the background like that, especially when you never use it. I would have never known that without CCleaner.
  5. I came here through a Google link, but then found out the whole discussion was from 2018. I did a fresh Win10 install and now Ccleaner keeps telling me to close Edge, even though I always use Chrome. The only time Edge opened is just after the install, and you pretty much have to use it to download Chrome. I scanned through the postings but never really saw a result or fix. Is Edge spying/tracking us?
  6. Add me to the list too, for Ccleaner always having to close Edge before running. Just last week I installed a brand new SSD and did a fresh Win10 install on it. That's when Ccleaner started having this problem. I never use Edge as I'm satisfied with Chrome. I do use Firefox for all youtube videos as the AdBlock kills all those annoying commercials, but for everything else I use Chrome. The only time Edge opened is by default just after the Win10 install, when it opens to msn.com, trying to become your home page. You pretty much have to use Edge to download Chrome so you can change browsers.
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