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  1. Hi Thanks for your reply. My version is I have just tested it with Chrome, and the page in my first post, I have folllowed your steps, goign to browser protection, toggle the protection off for Chrome, then toggle it again, I see that Kamo reports changing the fingerprint and then I refresh the test (or reload page), the fingerprint is exactly the same... If I wait between toggles to see the Kamo notification or fingerprint restored/changed, it is the same, the page always reports the same fingerprint...(even if I refresh the page between toggles) EDIT: using uniquemachine.org I get a different fingerprint (but same Computer fingerprint) each time I reload it, with or without Kamo... Frankly this adds a lot of confusion and distrust on the user. Tx
  2. Although everybody could be wrong, I would have not put these questions here without looking well into the software first. Although it depends on the good design of the application, it seeems hard to miss anything in a software with so very few options to configure... Aside of changing fingerprint at will, all the other questions are not likely to be solved with a setting (I mean Edge support, purchase options. And what about the test behaviour I reported?). Really the app has very few settings: the '...' options only allow to go to reports or to delete history. The menu options has just 3 checkboxes. As you say you tested it extensively I guess you might know already if these options do exist or not, should I guess then that your answer is a way to say, "most/everything you ask is in the application" ? Well, if so, I'm sorry but they seem to be too hide for anyone (or me) to see...if so, I would thank a clear guide to reveal them. . Maybe the trial version has/shows less options than the activated one ? Thanks
  3. Hi I am trying Kamo, but if I would like to buy it, how to purchase it? I can't find any link neither in the software or in ccleaner web page. How could I do it? Another question: I see it supports Edge, but which Edge, the legacy Edge or the Edge Chromium based? Or both? How can I change my fingerprint if I need to change it at some moment? Instead of waiting the hour to change it? Is tehre a button or some way to force Kamo to change the fingerprint when I want/need it? Still, I don't get it: using this website (Browser fingerprint test with this tool | Hidester) I have checked my browser fingerprint before and after a change of fingerprint by Kamo, and the fingerprint has not changed (of course I click "Restart Test" after Kamo reports a change in fingerprint) Thanks
  4. Hi, Just what says the title. It cleans all other browsers except for the new Edge. I have disable AV software, just in case, and rebooted, it keeps not cleaning them. And it does not show any message neither (I have set to show notification when cleaning). I am testing in my normal user and a brand new user account. Am I alone on this? Thanks
  5. Well, it didn't, in fact I already did that and reported this two posts above this one. I keep trying things but I am running out of ideas.
  6. The problem seems now limited to Edge only. I know that Edge keeps showing in task manager, but as always, it becomes 'suspened' after closing. When closing Edge it passes from 'running' state to 'suspened'. As I remember, this has been the case in Windows 10 normally, but CCleaner was able to clean it anyway. So what should I do nowadays? The user can't go opening task manager and closing the suspended Edge processes each time...
  7. UPDATE. I have realized that CCleaner shows a notification telling that it has cleaned Internet Explorer when I close Outlook (!). This is strange. I confirm that all browser are cleaned well, except Edge, which shows in task manager, BUT even when its state is swapped from running to suspended, CCleaner does not clean it. In previous versions, I know that even being Edge is suspended mode, CCleaner cleaned it... Just in case I have disabled 'running in the background' for Edge in Windows Settings, and reboot, but nothing changes.
  8. Hey, thanks. I have checked that, and Windows closes it correctly. Edge is not the only to suffer form this, neither. Moreover there are some other problems, as CCleaner apparently mis-identifies Edge by Internet Explorer, and it cleaned all browser just fine in previous versions. But still, could be another problem/cause I guess...
  9. Hi, I find that when closing Edge and other browsers, although I have clean with notification, it rarely notifies that it cleans. Although I think it indeed clean some cookies, at least. Also, when closing Edge and it notifies the cleaning (rare case) it says Internet Explorer and no more Edge, as it said before this version. I can't be sure if it clean always, and if it cleans everything it should, so I would check this too. Except if it is all my fault, of course. Do you find the same behaviour? BR
  10. Me too. Even if I tell it to search for updates and go ahead to install them, I stay at 5.47. Moreover it seems not to clean browsers after closing them.
  11. I am using Edge, so it seems to be a CCleaner bug? I did not test with Firefox or Chrome. I could not use Edge own clean-on-exit options because it would delete some cookies that I need to keep, (which CCleaner allows me to do, while deleting the rest). Really, the best option is CCleaner if only it would work for Edge as it should… Edit: Just tested with Firefox and Chrome, CCleaner works correctly with these both. But I use Edge 99% of time because of different characteristics I prefer/need. Edit2: Just checked and unchecked another time in CCleaner the 'History' for Edge and now it works (!?). Not really reassuring as it seems unpredictable...Should I report this in the CCleaner Bug report forum?
  12. Hi, I am using browser cleaning in the Smart Cleaning tab, but I find a problem that seems to make this function hard to use in my case. To be brief: I want CCleaner to delete everything on browser exit EXCEPT the history. Is a way to do that? I have already unchecked browser history in CCleaner options 'Cleaner' (the first option/tab at the top in CCleaner options) for all the installed browsers, and performed a manual cleaning, just in case, but CCleaner keeps deleting everything for the browsers checked under 'browser cleaning', under Smart Cleaning. Could someone help me to tell keep CCleaner from deleting browser history, please? Tx!
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