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  1. Even turning these off, you still get the pop up notification to extend your licence to a 2 year one with tech support. most that use the pro version i dare say will never use he support, hows about an offer for a cheaper 2 year deal with no tech support ? nope didn't think so
  2. My version i bought directly from piriform so could well explain it.
  3. I have not had the same issue when i use my key to unlock the latest trial downloads , my key purchased many years ago successfully unlocks all pro features , admittedly i get the nag box , but is otherwise fully functional?
  4. You can install this on your new pc so long as you wipe the old one (never sell a used pc with your old windows still on it, in fact i would keep back the hard drive but that is just me). as for the lifetime updates, there isn't one as has been mentioned in this thread, whether the company has backtracked or not is unknown . I believe the nag screen was introduced a little after Ccleaner was bought out but i could be wrong on that, So long as you use the same registration name and number you can install this on your new pc , i have done so many times on my computers without issue.
  5. My version is 5.61.7392 and i am still able to do the updates by doing the manual update check via the check for updates, Is this always going to be the case?
  6. Is PRO version bundle free, after all the users have paid for it. been a while since i had to reinstall it.
  7. I am jumping on the bandwaggon here too. I Too bought this almost 4 years ago after using the free version before then for some time. Since I bought this I have received all the updates free without having to buy it again as part of a subscription, you HAVE clearly changed your model and practices. We are aware that you changed the software to include the update of some programs, but very little on the surface has changed. It is like someone has drawn a line in the sand and said well we know you have been having all these updates etc well now we want more money, I am guessing this pop up we are now getting was included in the last update?
  8. Also registered to protest at this farce of an update. Easy fix i have found though is disabling (Right Click and Disable) CCleaner in the startup tab of task manager Works even after rebooting
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