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  1. Will incorporating those registry entries eliminate as well the recurring nag window to purchase Software Updater for a $10 discount? Edit: It seems so, as there have been no further popups of that nag window since I made the registry changes on either of my Win10H machines!
  2. There was an instance of the updated version's installer which remained in Task Manager despite the toggle of that "Abort" switch (thanks for that -- the developers might want to correct the oversight), so I terminated it and tried the installer again -- no joy, as the same behavior repeated. So, I again terminated the process tree in Task Manager, then rebooted and tried it again -- no joy, again. So, a complete uninstall was in order. That older machine still has a registered version of Revo Uninstaller on it, so I launched it with subsequent instruction to root out the CCleaner insta
  3. I've just downloaded and installed the latest version (v5.54.7088) on three computers, with no problems on one Win10H laptop but issues on another Win10H laptop and a Win7Ult desktop -- on the latter two, the installation process stopped when the executable ccleaner64.exe was attempting to overwrite the existing file. In all cases, I had begun by simply launching the installation executable (stored on an external thumb drive) using the Start|Run option. The error message box which pops up gives an option to abort, retry or ignore -- retrying generates the same error, ignoring leaves to previ
  4. I've been a CCleaner user for much of the past decade, and have always considered it reliable so routinely have upgraded when new versions are posted to FileHippo and the morning bootup reveals the one installed on my different computers needs replacing. I followed that protocol again with the 5.45 release, but rather quickly discovered that it was crashing on both Win10 and Win7 machines -- figured it was just a foible of something in the release that hadn't been fully beta-tested and so proceeded to uninstall that new release and re-install the functionality of v5.44 until there was a subse
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