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  1. Thank you for your help, this was the case! I have found the portable.dat file in the installation folder. I deleted it and restarted the ccleaner. Now the options are active. I'am still not sure, where I have downloaded the portable version. Uninstalling did not helped to remove the portable.dat file, so after i have installed the fresh version, the system behaved again the same way. It would be good, if ccleaner will display somewhere (maybe in the header banner), that portable version is running.
  2. Hi, yes CCleaner is registered, I have also tried to redownload and reinstall the version. I had there - Monitoring=0 I have updated the ini file to Monitoring=1SystemMonitoring=1BrowserMonitoring=1 I can see, that these options are checked, but cannot update any values there. See the attached picture. All the other professional functionality is working fine.
  3. Have a question, I have installed the latest version of ccleaner, but the fields under Monitoring are all greyed out. I cannot select any of the fields. I have reinstalled the version and still cannot select any of these fields. Can you advise. i have pro version of ccleaner. All other functionalities working fine.
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