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  1. when the yearly licence runs out what happens does anyone know? thanks
  2. SPECCY will not reinstall to my laptop after having to reinstall my CCleaner pro bundle it installs then says a newer version is available says being redirected then it crashes and then a blue screen with it saying windows need to restart and a qr code and some error message saying nonpage i think any help anybody
  3. does my licence cover?
  4. ok i've only run the cleaner but the speccy never got loaded it caused a crash but i will follow your advice on the registry if i ever do it but i now have speccy running thank you
  5. just bought cleaner professional and installed it but when in came to install or run speccy the system info came up then the computer crashed and restarted but on windows the speccy program is just a shortcut and does not run what do i do to get it up and running?
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