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  1. Nergal, thanks for Your prompt answer! I assume, piriform aka avast checked out the date and time of the ccleaner infection. True? And checked out ccleaner ver. 5.32 (and older vers.) for backdoor infection. True? Q: was the detailed data upon the infection published in the avast blog? A specific link would be very helpful. Regards CC_SR -- Albert Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited."
  2. Hi Stephen Piriform, I just arrived in this Forum. And I'm not aware, if my following question was already asked and answered. Q: is the ccleaner 5.33 (32 bit) the only infected Version, or were older Versions infected too? Especially ver. 5.26 (32 bit). For me no trivial question. Ver. 5.26 is the last ccleaner supporting one of my old PCs (CPU). Regards CC_SR -- "Please ring, if an answer is required" "Please knock, if an answer is not required" [Winnie the Pooh, Chapter 4]
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