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  1. so what is the on census on what to do it if one had that verison installed? i might have have 5.33 installed on my personal computer dont know i not sure as i not been home in 3 weeks as i do update ccleaner from time to time on machine. and was it or wasnt it the installers that was infected? i usual just get portable or the ccleaner.exe ? and seeing ccleaner.exe launches ccleaner64.exe on 64 bit os was that enough to avoid the issue? I have since deleted ccleaner.exe from this pc and changed all tasks in schedule tasks to start ccleaner64.exe if it didnt already. but i pretty sure my pc uses has 2 task using ccleaner.exe one that skip the uac and another i manully created to automatic run daily to clean out temps/histroy and other custom folders on my pc. IF my pc is using 5.33 which not sure as it could still be using 5.32 i know wont till i go home. what the steps one should use to check if it got infected? i prefer not to format the drive like some sites are say? but if i do it will just give me reason to installed Windows 10 RS3. my computer which also uses avast made no complaint about ccleaner though. Would think Avast who owns ccleaner company would post means to check and clean pc if it was infected, which seem to missing from the initial post
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