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  1. I have bought and used the free versions for years. I stopped buying it after some backlash issues with it. Some of these issues are installing apps I don't need or want and features removed. With that said I have been trying it once again (on and off) but I see things thats telling me to just give up on this product. So is it possible to stop the app from minimizing at start up?
  2. I usually try to get anything from the official site .When is a tricky question . I didn't figure out it was ccclean until I reformated 4 times . I thought it was anything but the cccleaner program until I ran cccleaner then rebooted, thats when I put 2 and 2 together . I got the windows 10 update last night . I installed and rebooted fine . I did (sorry piriform) uninstalled cccleaner . I did run disk clean up and another competitors program after words before shutting down for the night and my PC booted into windows fine . I hope you guys get this fixed as you all have some fantastic software .
  3. I have the free version, with v5.29.5033 (64bit). Hope you guys get this fixed.
  4. Yes it is. I didn't want to sound angry or anything, just wanted to let folks know. The software is great. Do you happen to know if there is afix?
  5. I will try to explain this as easy as I can. I have been using ccleaner for a very long time (free edition). Its been a great program until this issue. I got the windows 10 creators update and installed it. All worker fine until I ran cccleaner. After running cccleaner cleaner mode (all options checked but wipe hard drive option) and then rebooted my computer, I get the windows logo with the loading circle at bottom of screen. After waiting some time (30 min to 45mins), I rebooted the computer. Then I got a black screen. After some time trying to find out what happen, I found out that windows lost some/all of its files. Thinking this was a fluke situation, I had to reinstall windows 10. So yesterday about 3 or 4 days later I got the windows 10 creator update again. DL and installed it. Later that day I ran cccleaner as usual (as I do every day for years before shutting down my pc). I restarted my pc this morning and guess what? I had the same issue as before. After some more research of my own I determened that ccclean cleaned some windows file that it should not have. This seems to be a issue with the windows 10 creators update. In my case I lost some files I wished I had not lost, but no big issue.But someone might loose much more than me. My final thought is that cccleaner is removing something in the creators update. Thanks for a great program. Please respond why this may be happening.
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