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  1. I installed Defraggler 2.20 on my other computer (a laptop running Windows 7 SP1 with all updates). The installer crashed, and I got the message that Windows was looking for a sollution for the problem. The next time around it DID install Defraggler without any errors displayed. When I ran it, it went very slow (as it did on my desktop) and I did NOT trust it anymore, so I went back to version 2.19, which installed fine and ran fluidly. I really do not trust Defraggler 2.20 anymore.. There is really something wrong with it.. You say that it is not possible that Defraggl
  2. But, if it was my computer, I would immediately get a new drive and use Acronis to clone this one onto it. This one may be wearing out. Just saying True, and I plan to indeed buy a new drive (I have 3 drives in my sistem) but I can not do that at this moment. I'm having severe money problems. But if possible, I'll buy a new drive in March.
  3. Sort of the doctor. After I got everything up and running again, my back-up program (Acronis) could run without problems. Not before after I ran Defraggler 2.20. As I said: it told (?) me that the defragmentation would take over 1 day, which normaly would tak about 5 minutes. Afterwards, All the problems with bad sectors and bad clusters arose. ---+--- When you say that a defrag program CAN NOT give you bad sectors, you should try to tell hat to the DOS-Ghost program, which could not back-up the drive 100% after defrag? I stopped using that defrag program, and Ghost wo
  4. Forgot. I also have several (12) linux partition on that computer. Running anyone of these and running "Gparted" resulted that the program could not read the partition. After the reformatting and then putting the image-back-up back,also "Gparted" (Linux) can read the C-drive again. DO believe me: this is caused by Defraggler 2.20. I'm NOT a newbie. Bert
  5. Well... I did not have them before I ran Defragler 2.20, and I ran version 2.19 every day without problems. I installed version 2.20 and suddenly it would take me more than a day to defrag my drives, which normely (also version 2.19) run within 5 minutes to complete the defragmentation. And as I said: I had this problem before with another defrag program (I do not know anymore which program that was; I will never use it anymore). But I always run a defrag program BEFORE I run an image-back-up program. And if hat program refuses tu run because of bad sectors (which were not the
  6. Defraggler 2.20 left mij C-drive almoste broke, en left me wit bad sectors and clusters. (I had that years before with another defragmentation program.) Read errors as the result. How I know it was caused by Defrragler v2.20? The program told (?) me that it would take 1 day or more to defrag the partition, which in version 2.19 takes less than 5 minutes. Afterwards the bad sectors and bad clusters came up. I had this problem (REALLY) with another defrag program years ago. That is also why I changed to Defraggler, which seemed to work without any problems. Until ver
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