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  1. Is CCleaner safe to use on solid state drives? I know you can overwrite an SSD so many times before it fails. I was running CC nightly before retiring for the evening, so I am sure CC is safe, but how often should I use it? Along with ZA protection it is a pretty formidable internet security tool.
  2. CC keeps saying it needs to close firefox. Then it skips the firefox internet cache, and firefox internet history. Is there a way (in options) to correct this? Or some other way. TYVM.
  3. Yes excluding it and another did the trick. Thank You!
  4. Ok I think I have done this but will try again. TYVM
  5. How do you remove this in Windows 10 CCleaner wont delete it. It is not enabled in EDGE so do I just live with the measley 5kbs it takes up and ignore it as a false postive? I am sure someone else has posted on this but nothing showed up in my search qeuerys so sorry if this is a repeat topic. Thanks for great product btw
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