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  1. It deletes much more for bad guys, not normal people... This is the same file hazelnut added months ago (directly after Neverblooms ban) as it was supporting advanced entries for not everybody's use..
  2. Man just need to do less work and with help of this winsys.ini.txt you don't need to read 250 pages of forum thread. And you can make all your to-dos for the next part faster... The next part of this is, that we should reach more entries (about 3K) and add more Browsers like.... There are to much to say... Vivaldi, Forks of Chrome like sparks... And more....
  3. [Voldemort] doesn't work offline :bug report
  4. Trimmer from [Voldemort] is buggy. It doesn't work like trim.bat G'Days for real now
  5. Adding Excel 2003 don't forget please, it saving the mru...
  6. Beta program :Adwcleaner for CCleaner under Extras. Nice feature I would like to see. And you should be able to kill processes in winapp2.ini... This would be good for TeamViewer, which can't be cleaned without this and quick optimizing windows and Mac for effect disabling under extras. De And a driver Programm like drivcy as a name for finding drivers and backing up them. G'Days
  7. Defraggler need a hibernate option too... I just use this... Not shut down.... Fully hibernate with ram in HDD without a power connection and any power usage...
  8. And I need classic Ui Changer for people who like this. I like the new, but others don't. I'm sure the resources exist in the 6.2 MB installer somewhere. Please bring it back. And winapp2.ini as a option for download in the installer.
  9. Infile is same dangerous as other things are. Privacy is in great risk...
  10. Adding this isn't do much of a thing really... Infile cleaning is supported by old X-Cleaner... No one wants to clean manually Vlc, IrfanView, Ultra edit, and much more popular software. Really this is basic, write the code one time and we do the rest as community for you. Please, this is really needed....
  11. You understood wrong and the reason behind this is my own hasty kind of writing all to the end. I had problems this day, whatever : 1.) Websites to add are the Software websites, where you download the software and make entries for them. I had no time to add all the rest to the file list today. Add them @Hazelnut... You are good at it. 2.)Winsys2.ini is the new Winapp3.ini for bad guys. This will have some entries, which most users can use for saving space and performance (not indexing) resulting in saving money and stress. But some entries might be in the new Winapp2.ini later...
  12. Don't forget to rename winsys.ini.txt to winsys.ini Winapp2-EXTRA GENERAL.txt Winsys2.ini.txt
  13. Hi, this is a work. After this you need as community to maintain it. Extra websites to add: [Moderated websites out. Please inform nergal if they return] This all will be kind of winapp3.ini for bad guys. Hope you add it. And Intel logs under C:/Intel/logs Doesn't get deleted anymore. Hope all cleans out. Bye bye.
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