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  1. Having this glitch as well. First I hated the new design that mimics "Windows 10/8", now this??
  2. Yeah, ok.... You think I want to miss out on new features and improvements?
  3. I agree with all the others in this thread! My post got locked for no reason. +1. I hate the new GUI.
  4. Seriously? The look of CCleaner has been the same for YEARS. I know because I've been using it FOR YEARS. Why the hell did they decide to make a "Windows 8" theme, and force it on everybody, even if they don't use Windows 8? I have Windows 7 for a reason, I don't want to see Windows 8's ugly design! Please make an option to go back to the original, classic theme. I cannot stand Windows 8. This design is embarrassing. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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