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  1. So i've been trying to fix this.... After many hours reading/researching/screaming... i understand that i have some kind of virus. But NOTHING catches it - superantispyware/malwarebytes/norton/avast/etc. So i've done a fresh install of Win7x64, followed by ccleaner 507. And everything is fine. So i guess it wasnt ccleaner. its so weird. i just cant figure out how or what started all the mess. oh well.
  2. So i've just finished rebuilding my win7 x64 - all shiny and new with latest updates, drivers, a few progs, etc. its all perfect. exactly how i like it. all working great. no errors anywhere. before i take an image the last step is to clean out some crud/tempfiles, so i use my trusty prog ccleaner. BUT its all gone wrong. Now many websites wont open at all, others are messed up. IE11 and Firefox (latest versions) duckduckgo.com wont show at all. bing.com shows a few boxes but doesnt work how do i fix this? And what else has ccleaner corrupted?!
  3. I've just spent AGES logging in to these forums, because i forgot my username. oh yes you have a way to remind us of our passwords, but not usernames. luckily i remembered it. if i hadnt i would have had to create a whole new account.
  4. huuuuuughhh. sorry, just threw up. This new GUI is ugly ugly ugly. Did you not even look at your new release? Did you just get the same child that did Windows10 (v8.2) to attempt the GUI. Its incredible and amazing that a big player like MS has released the most obnoxious and ugly OS interface in the history of bad ideas - but for you to copy ?!?!?!?! It just boggles the mind. How could anyone think the new GUI is better than the old one???? Maybe as sales drop you'll realise that "new and changed" does not always mean better. huuuugh, I looked at it again.
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