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  1. Just wanted to add to this - even registered on the forum after never having a reason to for many years, to post this. I have also used CCleaner for many many years, donated and now bought the professional version just before this happened. The new UI is awful, but so is Windows 8 /metro. We finally after waiting many years get an OS for PC (Windows 7) that uses your fantastic 3D GPU card most people have. Then immediately after that, MS in their infinite wisdom switch to using flat dull lifeless tiles - boring schemes, simplified below fisher price standard even, and worse is that everyone thinks that MS couldn't possibly be wrong so they all jump in with metro. Massive step backwards for all programs. There are many UI design problems and mistakes in new CCleaner now and many well pointed out by Aelius73, but overall it's just very dull and a step backwards in usability let alone depressing Give us cool stuff if we have to look at it regularly, not dull stuff my old 386 could run.
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