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  1. Always 2 recurring problems with the latest version (5.58.7209 x64 under Win 8.1 x64) : 1. the icon of the trash remains full. If a new passage is made immediately, it is finally emptied. Note that I do not have this problem with Bleachbit or Privacy Eraser ! 2. the Firefox / Waterfox history is not deleted. Bleachbit encounter the same problem by reporting an error on the file "places.sqlite". Privacy Eraser, on the other hand, erases all the history without problem.
  2. For info, if you immediately do a second cleaning, the trash is finally emptied!
  3. I could finally clean the locations with the function "include", but I found this: as soon as you add locations via "include" or an "ini" file in the program (CCleaner.ini, winapp2.ini) the trash icon no longer empties!! I'm under Win 8.1 64x.
  4. Maybe related to "winapp2.ini"... if you use it, do a test without this file!
  5. @trium As I said in my post i tried this. The result for the 2 first locations was simply reserved. The user profile used by Waterfox is in location 2, but I think that all or part of the cache is also in location 1; the name of the profile being the same.
  6. Hello, I added some locations to clean in the file "ccleaner.ini" this way: CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Waterfox\Profiles\rblc01uk.default CustomLocation2=FIREFOX|C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Waterfox\Profiles\rblc01uk.default CustomLocation3=FIREFOX|D:\PORTABLES\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile Only locations 1 and 3 are actually cleaned; the second is completely ignored. If i change a little the 2 first locations without the name of the profile "rblc01uk.default", location 2 is cleaned, but location 1 is not ! There is apparently a bug in the program
  7. Sorry for the late answer Andavari... I tried your solutions without success. Anyway, the problem is solved for me, I will not change the icons of the trash anymore. Best regards.
  8. FYI, I discovered today that changing the icons of the trash (right click on desktop - customize - change the desktop icons) causes the phenomenon ... it disappears when doing a click on the "Default Settings" button at the same place (Win 8.1).
  9. Hi, The problem seems to be solved by the reinstallation. It may have occurred by an incompatibility at some point, but I don't believe that. Personally, I rather think that successive installations of new versions over the program is the cause. Thanks anyway for your help.
  10. Meanwhile, i discover something else : if I interrupt a cleaning (small cross to close the program), then repeat the operation to the end... the icon is empty! ??? I'll desinstall using Revo and reinstall. I'll give feedback !
  11. Thanks Hazelnut & Nergal. The answer is no... only the temp-files of Windows.
  12. I did that already, as well as other solutions of the net as i said... no change ! Thanks for your prompt response.
  13. Hello, In recent versions already, I found that the icon of the Recycle Bin remains full after cleanings performed by CCleaner. None of the solutions found on the net and one answer given here didn't bring solution. I recently tested a competitor (Privacy Eraser of Cybertron) that tries to look like CCleaner, but with whom I do not have that problem. FYI, this happens with win 8.1 64 bit and not under win 7 64 bit! Thanks. P.S. : I forget to say that one must then do a click on the Recycle Bin Icon, which opens the directory and empty the icon of the trash.
  14. Thanks. It's the same for me in french on Win 8.1 64x. I've just changed the language in english and it works !
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