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  1. Many thanks to you hazelnut. Setting it on the English language did the trick ! Case closed... until there is a fix on the other languages versions. Mulaw
  2. hazelnut, I indeed installed it in another language, similar to my OS original language installation. ??
  3. I will look into the settings and applications. I'll be back on this. You say that you have no problems with CCleaner v.5 on your Windows 8.1 systems(*). Do you also have KB3000850 installed as I do ? (*) Win. 10 is a different matter...
  4. siliconman01, Thank you for responding. I just ran Disk Cleanup to erase the system files (± 400MB). Unfortunetly, no improvements : After a new install, CCleaner v.5 froze again. But CCleaner v.4.19.4867 (64 bit) works flawlessly on my computer, along with everything else...
  5. Could this failure be somehow related to the Windows Update KB3000850 ? I installed it 10 hours before the CCleaner v.5 update.
  6. I am on Windows 8.1 64 bits. I downloaded and installed the latest CCleaner v.5 (64 bits) yesterday (2014-11-25). The cleaning mode took an unusually long time to scan. When the analyse results were finally displayed, the program itself stopped responding. Had to kill the program with Task Monitor. I tried again a few times to no avail. Had to uninstall CCleaner v.5. I have been using CCleaner for a very long time. This is a first !!
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