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  1. Well just sticking to 4.19 for now on until I try a few more cleaners then bye bye cc. There's one I like that I also have on the mobile that's ahead but still have other options explore.
  2. Thank you both for the information. Guess it's time try try out [removed by moderation] for pc.
  3. Does anybody know if there is a option for the old GUI in the latest release?
  4. Does anyone know if the latest release has the option? It does say "-Minor GUI Improvements."
  5. I have no problems with ccleaner except the new GUI.
  6. I tried it on a friend´s PC with Win 8.1 and it's just as bad on there. For a moment I thought it was just on my win XP.
  7. I've just installed the new CCleaner v5.01.5075 only to find myself having to go back to v4.19.4867 due to the god awful GUI. According to the change log for v5.01.5075 it says: v5.01.5075 (18 Dec 2014) - New Disk Analyzer tool. - Improved Firefox 34 cleaning. - Improved Opera History cleaning. - Optimized Memory and CPU usage. - Improved localization support. - Minor GUI Improvements. - Minor bug fixes. I for one would like to know what these "Minor GUI Improvements" where as none of the issues raised in other threads with regards to the new GUI seem to have been covered, I myself suggested that a option to switch GUI's from new to old and vice versa should be introduced. I hope this time Piriform listens to there customers and reinstates the old GUI in there next fix. Until then I for one will stay with v4.19.4867. Cheers Joe.
  8. Hi there. Just to say that while I like CCleaner, I hate ther new GUI. Can't you include a option of which GUI to have and users can choose? Cheers Joe.
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