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  1. they don't care, they have taken a perfectly good piece of software, and made it a piece of crap. I have not upgraded since 4.17, and never will. if anybody says anything about this, they close the thread immediately which makes me think they could care less anymore, so why should any of their customers. since their monitoring function has been forced on users, the developers have become totally incompetent. I don't need that, but they seem to relish its competence. too bad, it used to be a good product, but now it sucks. wtg Piriform, that's what happens when you become incompetent, an
  2. I'm not trolling, I'm a long time user, and all I was doing was agreeing with the users before me, that wanted the same, what should be a simple change on the install. if that's trolling, then sorry for enjoying your product, which I use all the time, before the monitoring feature.
  3. it doesn't make any difference, they have truly screwed up a decent piece of software. I will never update past version V4.17, which does not have the monitoring default. that is ridiculously stupid, to not offer that option on install, that I have no confidence in the company anymore. release all the versions you want past that one, they all suck, and will not get close to my computer.
  4. this is ridiculous, I'll never upgrade from 4.17, and turned the automatic upgrade off. if they can't relent to users request, then they have no interest in us, and I'm very satisfied with NOT having a feature I do not want, automatically installed against my wishes. big mistake on Piriform's aggressive updates, and they can keep their updates to themselves, I have no interest.
  5. exactly, if they can't respond to their customers, and not make Monitoring the default, then I'm fine with 4.17 forever. I've lost confidence in future releases anyway now. wtg Piriform, alienate your own customers, good marketing strategy.
  6. I would call it a vocal majority myself, but you use whatever spin you want. it should be offered as an option, not a default. that's an easy change, and very annoying they cannot simply change it. no more excuses, either change it, or lose customers. very simple, unless...........
  7. yes they are, they are forcing me to have to disable something, that apparently nobody wants. if they can't change that, then they have a motive, that is suspicious. I don't like suspicious software at all.
  8. right, and how hard can it be, to not install without the Monitor enabled? I've been a programmer my whole life, and being forced to have to disable something that people don't seem to want anyway, stinks to high heaven, and makes me very skeptical about the product. I don't want Monitoring at all, and because they force it down your throat, makes me wonder what they are doing. I'm losing any confidence in their software, reminds me of adware or spyware.
  9. so version V4.19 is released, but unless it "does not" enable the Monitoring by default, I will not download any new versions of CCleaner, and stay with V4.17 forever. it's ridiculous for it to be enabled, after it's obvious from these discussions, that most people do not want it. give me a version that does not enable Monitoring by default, and I'll continue to upgrade.
  10. right, there's no better way to screwup your software product, than something like this. forcing new releases to use a new option that nobody wants. I've lost confidence in CCleaner, because of their own negligence in testing out their so called improved release. very poor major testing of a new release, that programmers should be ashamed of themselves. if customers lose confidence in their credibility, then they are done, as they should be.
  11. thanks APMichael but until a final released version is fully tested and ready for the public, I don't feel convinced everything is as it should be. as a former programmer myself, I know how these things go sometimes. I don't feel like the Monitor option is fully tested to work as intended, and I still don't know what it is supposed to do. I don't like enabling new features, when I have no idea what it does, and why I would want it.
  12. thank you, but as I said, the "Enable Active Monitoring" box was never checked, so there was nothing to do, it was all ready turned off after installing. glad they are getting it fixed
  13. Enable Active Monitoring was not checked on my 4.18 install by default, only the Enable System Monitoring. I turned it off, and it would still not go away, so not sure what you are talking about. I had to go into the Task Manager to kill it, but I'm fine with going back to v4.17. I hope somebody explains what the Monitoring component is supposed to do anyway.
  14. I just installed 4.18 and noticed this problem with trying to turn the monitoring feature off, and it still staying in the task manager, and even ending the process, it started again when launching CCcleaner. I've reverted back to 4.17 and staying there as was suggested. I just joined the forum, so thanks for the information all ready posted.
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