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  1. I'd like to make a friendly suggestion/request. I'm not a fan of the new monitoring function that always runs in the background. I realize it's easily disabled from the options menu, but I would like an option to disable this from the installer. My reasoning is this: It adds another similarity to all the fake/malware "cleaning/optimizing/speed-up" programs out there. I work on maybe 5-10 private PCs each week and I always install Ccleaner for my customers. My advice usually is "A legit cleaning program should never constantly give you pop up notifications to clean this or do that. You have to open the application and run it yourself maybe once every week or two." It's already difficult for an average user to determine which programs are useful and which are complete scams, and this feature blurs those lines further. Also, it becomes yet another background process using up resources (albeit very little). TL;DR I think the monitoring feature should not be turned on by default or at least should have an option to disable from the installer. All that said I LOVE this program and have for years, and I even like the new 5.00 UI.
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