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  1. I'm completely serious. I would not waste your time otherwise. Here are a few threads that other people talk about the issue. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/a564fffa-ebd5-4c22-8b79-623475faf342/dual-monitor-display-cutoff-on-one-monitor-nvidia-gtx280?forum=w7itproperf https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/3ldsuy/pcs_external_monitor_has_its_left_edge_cut_off/ http://askubuntu.com/questions/80324/hdmi-vga-connection-cuts-borders-of-screen-or-creates-blurry-text I've researched this a bit and through shifting how my personal monitors are connected to my rig I have concluded the issue lies with the monitor profiles getting corrupted. From what I'm reading (I believe but not 100% sure of) the monitor profiles are stored in the registry. For my setup I run 4 LG monitors. 2 of the 4 LGs are Flatron wides (21 inch). It's these two monitors that if I hook them onto my USB monitor adapters they decide to flip out and will shift the entire image to the left about 2 inches and I can't go above a certain resolution. I'm forced to run them off my main video card. When I do connect them to my main video card they work as expected. These monitors are smaller than my other 2 and the larger monitors do work on the USB adapters (at the right resolution) but for any gaming I do I have to use only low graphics settings in the game which is not desirable. The various solutions that are suggested many times simply do not work. Reinstalling drivers for example - nope. Replacing the graphics card with a different brand - nope. They fail for the monitor profiles are still there to be used again when you hook the monitor back up to what Windows thinks is the configuration that matches that profile. I've even upgraded my OS from 7 to 10 and that didn't work for I suspect the corrupted monitor profiles were simply ported to the new OS during the OS upgrade. This is why I'm suggesting this addition. if the monitor profiles can be deleted and then let Windows create a new profile for each monitor, the many folks who have this issue would be very happy.
  2. more information on the topic: http://myitforum.com/myitforumwp/2012/09/24/cleaning-up-old-pc-monitor-data/
  3. This is a weird one but may be helpful. For those who run multiple monitors (I have a 4 monitor setup) you can experience your monitor settings get out of wack. What would be nice is have a detection that would do the following for each monitor: 1. Detect the monitor model 2. detect the resolution settings 3. any other information pertaining to that monitor (except the driver) for my setup I would get from this process 4 returned items (one for each monitor). I could then delete the 2 that are giving me trouble and let windows create a new setup for me. The reason for this is the settings get corrupted (many users report the left edge of the viewing area is off the screen) and it is about impossible short of replacing the monitors with a different brand/model to fix it. This monitor replacement method fixes it for the corrupted configuration settings are not used and a new setup configuration is created. I hope this makes sense.
  4. CCleaner is a top quality product and I have promoted it with my clients for years. Saying that...I was working on a laptop for a client yesterday and to my horror I discovered the maulware folks have a new trick that I just ran into. I go to google to download ccleaner and I'm made the mistake of using the fake ccleaner package and it "tried" to install a bunch of maulware. The shielding I had setup beforehand stopped it however I had to spend hours scanning to make sure nothing got through. When you type in "ccleaner" in google Search it shows up as an ad at the top of the search results. (ccleaner.downloadinfo.co). Foolish me clicked on the ad link instead of the link from Piriform. Lovely. I wonder how many people see this and get tricked into messing their rig up with this garbage. edit: Not sure if this is considered a necropost or not. If it is (I'm new here) my apologies.
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