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  1. Does the 5 FREE version still have the monitoring thing by default? And>>> From other posts it appears I didn't make a mistake by not updating! I don't kow what it would look like on WinXP Pro.
  2. Yeah well, that sucks! Looking at the descriptions for the Free, and the two other versions, the monitor is not shown for the free. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download So I guess they are liars or at least dishonest about what is and isn't in the free package And like pompste, I will be sticking with 4.17 until the devs heads are out of that dark dark place!
  3. Does the free version of this STILL have the monitoring feature I would have to turn off? v4.19.4867 (24 Oct 2014)
  4. Have Piriform released OR will they release a version that lets users NOT install the System Monitoring and Active Monitoring during the update(s) or installs? I won't even attempt to update again if that mess is still there! It is idiotic to make users that don't want it have to find and disable the damned thing(s).
  5. @mta> Thanks mate! but no need to be concerned about an ad blocker, or whatever, and the 'junk' filehippo has started using. All taken care of LONG LONG AGO! As for the 'monitor' thing> I DON'T EVEN WANT IT INSTALLED! A good installer can give that option for those of us that dislike garbage running in the background and taking up resources.
  6. I'll wait a week or so to see if things shake out like they should. 4.17 did not have this garbage, and I didn't have to jump through a bunch of flaming hoops to get it out of the task bar. And the registry which is a PITA and can cause problems if not cleaned up. BTW, CCleaner registry cleaner won't remove it's leavings. In fact, I don't even want it! Piriform claims it was a 'feature' to teh free version that was asked for. I DON'T BELIEVE THAT CLAP TRAP EITHER! Nobody in their right mind wants a piece of software running in the background, taking up resources, and causing headaches for users. If Piriform wants to stop making the 'free' version. so be it! There are other things in the GNU community that will do the job.
  7. Too many problems and too much crap to do with trying to unload that monitoring POC! It should be simple! not a system redesing on the users part. So I dropped back to version 4.17 for now. We'll see if Piriform does something about the 'free' version, and removes or gives us an 'INSTALL' option to disable the monitoring thing. My system is monitored by too many things as it is, I don't need another that I have lived without for a more than a few years now.
  8. I am back to 4.17 version just to rid my system of that monitoring thing.(Yes, I save my downloads to a cloud, so it wasn't hard to find) IF I can find an earlier version of the free CCleaner, I will put it in, and 4.17 has some things I was not happy about, but could live with. I will be visiting here kind of regular for a few days or a week or so to see if this issue actually has a good resolution! I unchecked both places in 4.18 mentioned in this and another post, cleaned out the registry and restarted my PC. Guess what? The monitoring icon show back up in the task bar, and the start up was added back into the registry and the CCleaner interface and the start up location(s). I just need a good system cleaner! WHAT I DON'T need another piece of software that is going to embed itself in my system to the point of ignoring even IT'S OWN SETTINGS! It's bad enough all of the MS crap and the manufacturer crap that is already 'monitoring' my system! (Most of which I have been able to get rid of or disable)
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