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  1. Paragon Drive Copy 9 is available today over at GAOTD.http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/paragon-drive-copy-90-personal/
  2. Thanks very much for the link.Excellent software as usual from ashampoo.
  3. chronos55


    sorry about that,never read that far.i suppose it pays to read the small print.
  4. chronos55


    thanks very much for that link,hazel.their offer for today,xmas eve and the last one, is a 1 year license for nod32 antivirus if anyone is interested.
  5. hi david,if you installed open office 2.4.1 then there is no desktop icon.if you go to programs,open office and double click on one of the components ie calc it will start up and ask you to register.you will then notice an icon in the system tray. right click on this and there is an option to start wth windows.if you install open office 3.0RC3 there is a desktop icon installed automatically.
  6. Further to a recent post i did concerning acronis true image with disk director thrown in for ziltch you can get EASEUS Partition Manager Professional Edition 2.0 at giveaway of the day for today only,if anyone is interested.
  7. chronos55


    no problem login123,i am glad to see there is at least 1 more person who is not afraid to spend ?6
  8. chronos55


    yes i installed yesterday and used disk director to partition drive.works a ok
  9. chronos55


    great deal on acronis true image 11 and get disk director 10 for free,on vnunet .com.just bought them both fo ?6.84.great deal.follow the links and add the supplied code.
  10. chronos55


    Cheers.DennisD,i always make a pigs ear of the links when i try it.
  11. chronos55


    Desktop Icon Toy is available free for today at giveaway of the day site.it is the latest version 3.1.i am no good at setting up the link,if someone could maybe do it.
  12. if you right click on taskbar,select properties,start menu and untick the two boxes under privacy,you will no longer generate recent files and program usage
  13. try XdN tweaker,available from major geeks.it does the same as your program but a lot of very handy tweaks as well.and it is free.
  14. i beleive it is similar to XP.clic start button,run,type---control userpasswords2--enter and untick box saying user must enter password.
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