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  1. I find the same issue as the O.P. but its not a simple update, it is a whole new program where you have to uninstall the old program and install the new program. How do I update the version without doing what I am doing?
  2. I have a 8GB USB memory stick that somehow lost all its information on it. I think it might be because of the shag-like carpet in my house, it easily produces static-electricity from just walking on it, so I think I zapped it and in-turn it wiped it clean. I have had a different USB stick do the same thing, however I had it backed up. This time its annoying b/c I have no back up. I spent hours upon hours last night trying to recover the data. Piriform Recuva is the only one that worked. I trusted it b/c I have had the CCleaner for a year now. However now I have many files that seem to be duplicates. I started to sort through the files, renaming the files. Then I just made new folders to dump the duplicates in. I am no comptuer genius, but why would Recuva have multiple duplicates of the same file? Is it the way Microsoft Word and Excel auto-saves? All I have is Word, Excel and MP3's. And from what I have seen I have lost my MP3's and I have no clue what other word and excel files I lost. I at first ran the normal scan, it didnt do anything, so I ran the extensive scan and it came back with recoverable files. This is a learning lesson to always back up the USB drive. Thanks for your help. Are there any other programs out there that I can use to recover the data that Recuva missed or is this program here one of the top programs out there for data recovery.
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