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  1. Don't know what they're looking for. Defraggler V 2.21.993 that I reverted back to identifies all my drives correctly. That means that the code in there is accurate and could be reused. Boggles the mind.
  2. Roll back to Defraggler 2.21.993 (if you still have it or can get it). It identifies them correctly. Same problem with latest versions of Speccy
  3. Just installed V 1.32.740 of Speccy and the SSD/HDD problem is still the there. Already rolled back Defraggler to V 2.21.993 as well for the same reason. Is this being worked on??
  4. Ahhh, that picture was worth a thousand words. I used Cleaner, Applications and ticked off Adobe Flash Player to get a list of the Flash related cookies. Will use Options instead. Thanks for that!
  5. Again, not much help in answering my question. Just to repeat, my question concerns how to be able to "selectively" (or "individually" if that makes it clearer) remove Flash cookies that Ccleaner finds, instead of having ALL of them removed. Selecting and right-clicking the Flash cookie does not provide an option to delete just that cookie. That is the only question to which I need an answer. Thx
  6. @Nergal, perhaps some miscommunication. I know how to selectively delete regular cookies. My question concerns how to "selectively" remove Flash cookies. The link on your suggested answer page to Flash cookies is here https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/cleaning-flash-cookies and there is nothing there to help in this respect. In fact, it seems to suggest, exactly as I experienced, that there is no option to do what I am after. It seems to remove either all or none.
  7. I used Ccleaner to locate Flash cookies. I selected Adobe Flash, analyzed and looked at the results. Since it was possible to highlight individual cookies, I did so and then clicked Run cleaner. To my dismay, ALL cookies were deleted, not just those that I selected, causing me to have to reenter username login information for many websites. Why is this not an option and why is there no indication what cookies I am looking at (regular or Flash) when I also select Cookies for the different browsers. Seems like basic functionality to me. Is there a way to selectively delete Flash cookies? Regular cookies I can delete individually in Firefox already. Thanks
  8. I have a Hiro H50006 modem card in my machine. It shows in device manager as LSI PCI-SV92PP but does not show up in Speccy. Is it not supposed to recognize modems and list them if installed? Thanks
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