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  1. I was wondering if CCleaner's update (5.115408) stopped the crashing many of you you were experiencing?
  2. Nergal, how can you completely delete CCleaner using CCleaner? Revo does a much more thorough job of exorcising a program and its tentacles from your computer than the built in Windows or CCleaner's (especially when CCleaner is what you want to delete), When I tried just using Windows to delete CCleaner before a re-install the crashing of CC did not disappear, but when I used my Revo Pro to completely rid my system of CCleaner and then did a fresh installation, I have not had the crash since. I of course had to reset my preferences, but It has been three weeks now, and I use CCleaner daily, without a crash since. I was one of the first to report this problem in this thread, and have not had a recurrence since doing as I suggested.
  3. Sorry to hear that so many are still having troubles. Ever since I deleted with Revo-Uninstaller Pro (which is not free), I have not had a crash. Before then CCleaner would often crash at the first attempt to open, second time would be ok. I think that using Revo was able to delete the offending remnant before I did my re-install of CCleaner. There are some other programs that will delete programs from your system and do a more thorough job than the included windows un-installer. Here is the page at Gizmo's with their ratings of free uninstall programs.
  4. Sorry to hear that others are still having the problem. I still have not had any crashes. When I deleted CC I used Revo Uninstaller Pro. It does a more thorough uninstall of programs than Window's control panel. I had also monitored all my previous installs with Revo which also insures a more thorough deletion. Still have not had a crash of CCleaner in five days, I use it at least once a day. Computer is a Window 7 Pro, with all the ms updates.
  5. I said I would report back if I had any more problems, I did as Eolo suggested and since doing the uninstall and reinstall, there has been no crashes. Thanks Eolo!
  6. I did what Eolo suggested, I had thought of doing it myself. I deleted with Revo and re-installed CCleaner, so far it seems to have worked. I will let you know if it keeps working or not. .
  7. I am having the same problem with the same version. Ever since the most recent update, when I click on the CCleaner icon on the desktop CCleaner will crash and I get the notice that windows sees and is reporting the crash. It doesn't happen every day, but looking back in my logs, it almost does, just not quite every day. When I then click the CCleaner icon the second time it starts, no problem. I have been using CCleaner for a very long time, and this is the first time this crashing has happened which started with the newest update. My computer is running, Windows 7 Pro, 64 with all the MS updates installed.
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