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  1. OK Windows 7 32 bits Home basic 7e4f5c40-4d86-4b48-9ed3-507b7d04273c.zip 611bc5bb-8d70-4173-82a6-6f377df58ddc.zip
  2. Hello. I am new here, I am not Always but when I open ccleaner stopped working or not responding, a window with yellow triangle informing problem and ask to send a report. Ccleaner Free Version 5.10.5373 this problem never happened with previous versions. dump in folder C:\Program Files\CCleaner 7e4f5c40-4d86-4b48-9ed3-507b7d04273c.dmp 611bc5bb-8d70-4173-82a6-6f377df58ddc.dmp I can not attach already that I'm not allowed
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