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  1. sorry. im new here. i dont know to navigate around posts. i though its all about " PC slower not faster after CCleaner" as can be read above.. (hopefully a solution bro. before more can get into this kind of problem) this is the report log of the analysis of zsoft uninstaller on my pc that was not previously cleaned with ccleaner until i perform this analysis, therefore it is valid and can serve as reference when piriform is up to solving this issue......... cc.txt
  2. unfortunately.. i did not make the registry backup bacause i was confident that with the settings i use.. no problem would occur... too late, im using "zsoft uninstaller" now to see what ccleaner changes to the registry... but it seem even just by installing and letting it analyze without cleaning and without fixing it already add, deletes registry entries ..aww....deletes look: zsoft on ccleaner.txt
  3. MY PC IS FAST. IM A PC TECH. BUT I WANNA MAKE IT MORE FASTER BY CLEANING THE JUNK FILES AND UNNECESSARY, LINKS AND SOME REGISTRY JUNKS. BUT MY PC SLOWS AFTER CLEANING WITH CCLEANER.. ATHE OVERALL ASPECT...BOOT TIME.. A FEW SECONDS SLOWER... ON FPS GAMES.. SLOW MOVEMENT ON ANY GAMES/.. MY PC IS FAST BUT WHY IT HAPPENED. I SUSPECT CCLEANER CHANGE OR TWEAKS SOME REGISTRY SETTINGS. MY O.S. IS WIN XP......I USE ZSOFT NOW. IM ANALYZING USING MY OTHER PC.... pls take a look at the settings i use during cleaning. the pic is taken on my old pc i use now with zsoft. the actual pc is = cpu:3ghz amd x2 athlon, 2 gig ddr3 memory, (700mb shared video) mobility radeon, 320 gb hard disk pls pm me if there be any registry fix, patch for this ..or i have to format the pc's on my netcafe..its slowing obviously dude,, just recently by ccleaner....my email: email address removed by moderator to avoid spamming
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