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  1. Win 7 SP1 Ulti x64 (Full updated) Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.83GHz / 8GB DDR2 @ 1066MHz Sys hdd : WD 1TB Caviar Blue / Sec hdd : 2x WD 640GB Caviar Blue @ Raid 0 The problem is system independent, at least hardware independent.. While defragging a partition I monitored it with HDTune and I saw something strange, after each file (from 10KB small to 1GB big) there is a 2-3 sec pause. While defragging small files ( <10MB) defraggler use 1 core of my cpu.. Why 3 sec pause after each file? Why use 1 cpu core while defragging small files ( <10MB) ? Definitely there is a big problem in program's algorythm.. Please fix it, it is a good program. Edit: I forgot the images
  2. Sorry for wake up an old thread, but I have the same problem (high cpu usage, 1 core / really low defrag speed, few KB/sec or 1 file/1-3 sec). I'm using the latest version. Any chance to fix it?
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