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  1. Wasting my time, I am progressively migrating everything to LInux, no longer interested with MS_BS. It's about time we all stand up to corporations, not only MS, but many cos they are the ones who pull the strings, no matter who is in politics, left, right, centre, any political party flavor of the month, the corps probably have a say what gets posted here to. Not with the Open Source crowd, it's freedom, but then again, for how long before the corps find a way to "own" every piece of internet real-estate, ??? And google is a player to. So to limit garbage in, it may help to use this as a search engine, cos I know the difference, my CCleaner has much less to clean since I stopped using google Try this as your search engine https://duckduckgo.com/
  2. No use debating this, it ain't going to change back. MS has become " do it our way or go a way" Googled a lot of stuff about win 10 and I am not keen on very much new MS policies. Subscription for one, and whole lotta other things that don't suit my own personal preferences. I'm not even sure if win 10 will be available as a retail DVD install version unless ya some sort of big corporation like IBM etc. Google who MS have copied ideas from for win 10, it's not all that original. But that's how the IT game works I suppose, a game of "hierarchy" . At best, I'll stick with the OS I got for now, and I know there are other OS's out there and may not be for all to dabble in. Point is, CCleaner ain't gonna change back, it's obvious it's out of their control if they want to stay On due to MS policies in regards to how the Winge n Whine 10 is gonna be.
  3. Of all the responses on this thread so far, there is no hint yet of a roll back to the old GUI look. The word "lagacy" comes to mind, is this something MS is now trying to copy what Steve Jobs ( Apple) used in his marketing approach, non legacy principles ? Is MS trying to copy this trend ? Does this mean no matter how much we post here, they will not roll the GUI back ? I can search and ask for my own BAT files to some extent, and still clean up what CC misses. Why is that ? I did post post code for DUI BAT files, but, hmm, the post got deleted ?? !!
  4. So by now the general consensus is most don't want the new GUI, Hope the CCleaner developers reply, or they won't ? or wait n see ? or what now ?
  5. This is weird, rather corporatish and nerdish who ever is the owners of CCleaner. This change in the GUI happened around the time most people around the world goes on vacation, so there won't be any reply from the real admin. They have not returned from their yaughts, or are lost at sea somewhere, or kidnapped by sea pirates. Moderators are probably skeleton "staff" on a roster, so it's no use complaining. I reckon it ain't going back to the way the old GUI was, Win 10 is just around the corner, so why should they care what we say ? There will always be new users of CC and they would never have known the difference and complaints will eventually dwindle.
  6. Ok, a valid point, I am still on XP and have no intentions of moving on My finger is on the button though to go to Linux if Win 10 MS does not lift their game.
  7. Most of the options are here, http://superuser.com/questions/450014/clearmytracksbyprocess-all-options Some of the VBA code/options to use is; Sub Clear_IE() Shell "RunDll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 8", vbHide AppActivate "Microsoft Excel" End Sub However, this is "old", it does not seem to compensate for Chrome, after checking with CCleaner, the Chrome folders are still full. The reason this needs to be done in VBA is because of web queries within a Loop in real time, the caches etc become full. Ideally, if VBA can run CCleaner with user settings without having to stop and do it manually. Adjust what ?
  8. Yes. The reply was to ask here, at this forum.
  9. Is there or has anyone coded Excel VBA to run CCleaner ? The reason is because Excel hangs when doing continuous web queries and we don't want to have to stop the process and use CCleaner every ~ 15 minutes or so. Thanks
  10. Bill and Linus have become friends ? A new OS, "BLIN" !!
  11. Went through the motions from http://support.googl...n&answer=111899 May not have applied to my pc exactly. But the instructions showed enough stuff to Delete everything and anything that had Google in it. Along the way in some instances Google renames stuff, somewhere I read they do this with each update so to avoid and slip by firewall settings. Myth or not, my computer has a new name now, "snappy" ! It's like everything works much faster, boot up is no longer as if it's dragging a wet blanket. I don't use IE or Firefox, everything works fine now. And thanks CCleaner's team.
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