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  1. Check the file sizes of the installer, it grows and grows overtime. I'm aware that software tends to grow overtime, but this is ludicrous. All these versions have 32 & 64 bits executable, but we can see the the installer was less than 4MB in 2014, and it is now more than 15 MB ! Between 5.39 and 5.41 (I miss the 5.40 slim installer), the installer jumps from 8MB, to 12MB. Why ? Also, even if I uncheck all software update, all analytics, I still can see some connections attempts to some avast servers and some others...Why ? I suspect some crap was added in the installer, but since I block all connections attempts with my firewall, this is of no use.
  2. Just block Ccleaner executables in your firewall, (as I always did), problem solved.
  3. I don't use IMAP and I had the disappearing profile problem as well, so CCleaner was faulty here. If you have a backup of your Thunderbird profile (you should always make backup regularly anyway), simply replace the pref.js from your profile with the one from your backup, everything will be back on next Thunderbird launch. Maybe manual editing of pref.js is also possible, it's a text file, but I don't know what part CCleaner modifies. http://kb.mozillazine.org/Recovering_a_profile_that_suddenly_disappeared
  4. Hi Nergal, That's not the point, but it's actually very simple, the installer retrieves the Windows language variable, that's all. Edit: It's not a bug, it's a feature! Previous versions settled the language automatically, according to the system language, seems the devs had problems with this.
  5. Hi, I have specially registered to report this bug: Since a few versions, when you install silently CCleaner slim (/S switch), it starts in English, and I have to manually change the language. Older versions didn't have this bug, they always starts with correct language at the first start. Regards.
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