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  1. I use the Brave browser on my PC and I've noticed that when I run CCleaner on my PC it identifies some cookies but never removes them. Here's a list of these cookies. All of these cookies end it safeframe.googlesyndication.com. If CCleaner identifies them why doesn't it remove them? is there a way to remove them manually? This started months ago when I noticed 8 cookies like this but now the list has grown to 30. Can anyone help me get rid of these?
  2. I frequently run CCLeaner to get rid of my junk and when I ran it today I happened to check my cookies after cleaning and there were still cookies present and this has never happened before. I ran the cleaner again and they were still there. I selected them all and clicked delete and they disappeared but when I clicked on another menu item and then rre-selected cookies again they returned with me not even opening my browser. I then went to BRAVE and deleted all of my cookies and ran CCleaner again they were still there. All of these cookies end with safeframe.googlesyndication.com. Can anyone explain what these are and why CCleaner is not removing them? I've attached a snapshot of the cookies that are not being deleted.
  3. When I tried to clean my PC and my laptop today. I was alerted to the fact that CCleaner could not fully clean EDGE because of certain settings controlled by the registry and/or group policy. I was linked to the following page https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/troubleshooting/how-to-disable-pre-launching-and-pre-loading-so-ccleaner-can-fully-clean-edge which gave instructions on how to change the registry to avoid this problem. However, when I tried following the instructions for the registry changes on my laptop the registry key mentioned does not exist. Specifically the MicrosoftEdge key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\MicrosoftEdge\Main is not present. I had changed my settings on my Windows 10 Pro desktop by following the group policy instructions but the same key is not there on that machine either. Both my laptop and desktop are Windows 10 1809. Can anyone enlighten me on what to do since the instructions are in error?
  4. Thanks for the info. I don't know if anything else is using Edge but Cortana was on my system. I did a search on this issue and found PCWorld article about an app called EdgeDeflector and after installing the program I had Cortana do a search and instead of using Edge before the install, it used Firefox afterwards. Will see how CCleaner behaves now that it's installed. Perhaps it won't do anything differently as the program doesn't actually change anything regarding Edge it only deflects Cortana to use the default browser. Here's the link if anyone's interested. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3174548/windows/how-to-force-cortana-to-use-your-default-browser.html
  5. Everyone, I have noticed this about CCleaner and was wondering if anyone can explain this behavior. Up until recently, I was using Microsoft Edge as my default browser on my PC so I didn't find it unusual when CCleaner prompted me to force close Edge when cleaning my system. However about a week ago I switched to Firefox as my default browser. Although I still have Microsoft Edge installed, I've not used it since I changed over to Firefox but each and every time I run CCleaner I'm still getting prompts stating that the Edge browser is open and must be closed. Is CCleaner seeing something thinking that Edge is open when it's not or is Edge really open and obstructing CCleaner until it's closed. Is there a way to resolve this so I don't get prompted?
  6. NukeCad, Thanks for the reply. I downloaded and installed 5.46 a few minutes ago and at least on the surface things appear to be OK. I noted that by default there are things that are still enabled by default when the product is installed that one will have to change in order to opt out of having the product monitor your usage of the product I can handle that as long as you can turn it off. The thing that I did notice was that with all that I've turned off CCleaner no longer runs in the background when you are finished with a cleaning session. This was a major requirement for me as my systems a bit old and resources are at a premium so I limit the number of things that can run in the background.
  7. Last month CCleaner version 5.45 was removed from the download page due to some very negative, but justifiably true, stories published on the internet. Because of the concerns over privacy and the fact that I don't like uncontrollable software running in the background I uninstalled version 5.45 and back leveled my version to 5.44 even before Piriform back leveled the version in response to the criticism. Today I checked and there's a 5.46 version that is now the official downloadable version and I was wondering if the concerns reported on in the published criticisms have all been resolved and it's once again safe to update CCleaner? In other word do I now have full control of the product so I can turn off all data reporting and inquiries, even version checks? Have they changed the product so when I'm finished running the product it actually closes so that nothing is running in the background? Like many, I became very concerned about this product as I don't like software that does any data collection regardless of how innocent their data collection is, I don't like applications that run in the background using resources of my over taxed PC and I don't like software that attempts to install other software products in stealthy ways. I want products that are limited to performing only their stated tasks and functions and before I upgrade this product from 5.44 I want to verify that Piriform has taken heed of the wrath of their customers and press and has gotten back on the right track. If there are still issues to contend with please let me know as I will either stay on 5.44 or I'll remove the product all together and seek out other alternatives like some of the products that were suggested by the press. Don't get me wrong I like the ease of use and functionality of CCleaner for it's stated purpose of cleaning the crap from my PC but I need and want a clean, unobtrusive product as well. Let me know how this version plays out. Thanks.
  8. I currently use PerfectDisk from Raxco to defrag my desktop PC. When PD was new it was one of the few defrag tools available and it was fast, efficient and nimble. Over the years Raxco has added bells and whistles to their product that to some may add value to some folks but when it comes to the actual defrag process I wondering if it's now any better than other defrag tools. The other things that's a concern is that some of these bells and whistles are real resource hogs that slow your system down. So..... I found Defraggler on the internet and I thought I would get some feedback from actual user on how well this tool works. Bottom line is that I want a simple tool that defrags the drive really well without the bells and whistles. What do you existing users have to say about this product both good and bad. Is Defraggler any better than the existing defrag tool that comes with Windows 7? If so can you tell me what it is that makes it better.
  9. Thank you for the assistance. The icon for all of the cookies was Google Chrome. I verified that the Chrome cookies checkbox was un-checked so I checked it and CCleaner worked this time.
  10. When I run CCleaner on my XP Pro laptop it says that it removed all cookies but if I go into options/Cookies it's still showing a long list of cookies to delete. Is this a known issue or is there a way around this as I would really like to clean up this list of cookies. Note that since it's XP I'm running IE8 and my version of CCleaner is either the current version or one back as I try to keep it up to date at all times.
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