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  1. hi Andavari I've already done that I also disabled the active monitoring as well but for some reason the latest version of CCleaner still keeps trying to establish a connection to the net without my permission so I'd like some from Piriform to explain them selves and I'd like them to tell me how to put a stop to this unauthorized attempt to phone home every time I start the application because as I've already said I don't like being spied on if as trium suggests it is just collecting data for statistical purposes that's fine but Piriform should come clean tell users exactly what they a
  2. hi all like many I also dislike the GUI changes these changes are in my opinion a step backwards please put the GUI back the way it was I don't know about anyone else but I don't care about fancy and flashy I'm more concerned with simplicity and usability and the latest version is not usable due to the GUI changes which causes me visual stress I can't look at it for more then a few minutes before my eyes start to hurt. This is not a request made out of personal preference this is a request made on accessibility grounds being dyslexic part of my issue is that certain combos of colour ca
  3. hi all I'm curious why is the latest version of CCleaner attempting to connect to the net when active monitoring and auto update are switched off ? While this may well be entirely benign given all the stuff that's being going round as of late with exposure of the NSA/GCHQ and there illegal surveillance I tent to be very touchy about applications or indeed anything else that tries to access the net without my permission since I value my privacy and I don't like being spied on. so I'd like someone to explain to me why CCleaner is trying to connect to the net and what data it's trying
  4. the latest one The piriform website Possible but unlikely the updater shouldn’t need to trigger ping.exe the only purpose of the ping.exe is to check for a connection so I’m not sure why the installer would be calling it nope since its the free version Maybe I do wish companies would stop bundling there apps with unwanted garbage if I wanted the tool bar I’d download it I guess at the end of the day its not a big issue just makes me a little suspicious when programs are doing things there not supposed to be because I found the Auslogics disk defrag app bundl
  5. hi all I’m curious why is the Defraggler installer triggering the Ping.exe and trying to phone home.
  6. hi all one of the things that has always impeded a successful de-fragmentation of a disk is the fact that most defrag software requires windows to be loaded before the de-fragmentation can occur the only program I've ever seen that was not restricted in this way was the Norton Utilities Disk De-fragmenter because that was able to load and run with out loading the OS much the same way that live distros of Linux work it just loads the whole thing in to memory so there is no or minimal disk involvement I've seen other apps that do things like this as well a good example is the boot disk t
  7. hi all in a previous posting on this subject I highlighted a pretty nasty performance issue I was seeing with Defraggler in that even on a relatively empty and relatively un-fragmented drive Defraggler was wanting hours to complete a job that should have in reality taken no more than 20 to 30 mins now I see from reading the change logs for subsequent versions that you have tried to address this issue and I have seen a slight increase in performance sadly however Defraggler is still running extremely slowly on my system I've been pondering over why that might be because when using say A
  8. I don't normally use my defrag either it’s just that in this case I couldn't get defraggler to do the job in a timely fashion which is unusually because normally it’s a fairly zippy application when the drive is only lightly fragmented even on full defrag. what I don't understand is why it’s taking like 4 or 5 hours to do a full defrag when it should only take around an hour or so, 4 or 5 hours or more if the drive was heavily fragmented or quiet full maybe but not in this case not when there is so little data on the drive and not when the drive is only lightly fragmented strange ?!?!
  9. yeah and that's slow as well, as a comparison I just ran Mydefrag on C:\ using System Disk Monthly which fully defrag's and optimizes your disk and that took like an hour or so to do the job when I tried to do that with defraggler it's was coming out at like 5 hours to do the job. which further leads me to conclude that there is something wrong with defragglers code it could be something as simple as an error that's causing unnecessary processing loops that would be consistent with the behaviour I'm seeing, I've seen this problem before in other program and scripts and it can bring even th
  10. hi all I'm running win XP Home SP3 and like many I have been noticing that the latest version of Defraggler v2.09.391 seems to be running very slowly, at this point it's slower then windows built in defragmenter. My drive is 160gb and is split in to 2 partitions, the main partition which is about 80gb has the OS on and the second partition which is about 70gb is for file storage so that if the OS messes up I can reinstall with out loosing my files. Now the main partition that has the OS on has just had a fresh install of XP put on it so there is only about 30gb of date on that part
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