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  1. According to Apple article http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1452, Repair Permissions uses data in folder/directory /Library (currently active one). If the active system is Mountain Lion and the target disk is Snow Leopard system disk, there is the exposure of misplacing files/directories. Between releases, Apple has been known to reorganize the directory structure of the system.
  2. While running Mountain Lion, you say it is not destructive to Repair Permissions on a Snow Leopard system volume?
  3. Downloaded Version 1.07.233 from website OMG!!! It opens !!!!!!!!!! Tools --> Repair Permissions ???????? Why are non system (not bootable) volumes listed??? Totally irrelevant !!!!!
  4. CCleaner does not get far enough to be loading fonts and yes, the (#%_%# font is available Stop grasping at straws!
  5. Downloaded CCMacSetup104.dmg, opened, copied icon to /Applications and double-clicked. Icon appeared in Dock and bounced over 1 minute and then stopped bouncing. No window/panel of the user interface opened. Attempts to Quit via the Dock icon had no response. Attempts to Quit via Activity Monitor had no response. Got a response to Force Quit via Activity Monitor. Level 103 and 102 acted the same. Product is not usable at this level 2012.07.25 Edited to correct typos
  6. Another release 103 and another dud: bouncy bouncy then nothing - just sit You cant even get the program/application started!!!!!!!!
  7. Add it to the list of Login items [system Preferences]
  8. Not applicable - font is available 2012-05-12 edited Due to lack of response/fix/workaround, I will be deleting CCleaner. May be another year.
  9. Just CCleaner sits. Other applications do start up (open a window).
  10. Also follow these directions - same results
  11. CCleaner-Sample_2012-04-27.txt.zip Deleted/Trashes CCleaner.app Signed in to App Store and installed CCleaner again via LaunchPad, launched CCleaner It bounced it sat via ActivityMonitor, sampled it sitting
  12. downloaded ccleaner for mac .106 and got an update. It bounces in the dock, like, 2 minutes, then sits there in the dock - never opens the window, have to Force Quit. Lion 10.7.3
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