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  1. Nope, no such luck in the Mac version. The results are just a text output, listing the number of files that will be deleted within each app and the hard drive space that will be recovered. I think @the5count might be referring to the Uninstaller under Tools. That option provides the ability to remove an entire application from your Mac, not just clean temp files. Unfortunately, Piriform has been a bit mum on this, and doesn't really give any documentation for the Mac product.
  2. Running the latest version of CCleaner for Mac, 1.01.106, I ran an Analyze to see what CCleaner would erase. I've got a listing of all of my installed apps, with the amount of space and number of files that would be deleted if I clicked "Clean." I'm wondering, what precisely might these files be? Notably, I see 153 MB in a single file in iTunes...is there any way to see what file that is?
  3. The current version is the Final Release; there were several beta versions before this one. The current version does not work on my iMac (2010 model), running OS X 10.6.8. It does, however, run on my Mac Mini (mid-2010, I think), also running 10.6.8.
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