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  1. Thank you Pixie! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou... You are the man, this one had me for over five months scratching my head, the last time i attempted to fix this issue I had to take my xp back to an earlier time so Im so happy that you found the fix to this problem. Well Done !!!
  2. In case anyone has this problem again, the cure is to uninstall the yahoo toolbar! it was resolved by another thread that I found here in the help pages. Phew!
  3. Thanks - I resoved the issue yesterday by talking my xp back to a prevous restore point prior to me using CC. I wont be using it again. - Shame.
  4. I recently (Yesterday) downloaded the latest CC version and proceed to clean my pc as usual however after cleaning this time I noticed that IE would not open any new windows. Every time I try to open a new window it simply changes the existing window to the new URL instead of opening a new window - how annoying. Also, I can?t open an ftp connection into internet explorer that I had previously, it now wants me to open the ftp connection using a file transfer software that I have installed and have never used. - Doubly annoying! Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how I can get in
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