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  1. You're welcome Spysnake but you'll have to be quick on the draw. As you've probably noticed, you only have a few seconds to click on CANCEL before the message disappears, at least that's the way it works for me on a restart. I hope that fixes your "bug". Mark
  2. My 2 cents on installing IE7 (or ANY new software, registry hacks, etc.) BACKUP YOUR SYSTEM FIRST! I use Norton Ghost to create an image file of my entire C drive, including the registry, and I store the image files on an external hard drive. Once you have a backup you are free to experiment to your heart's content. You are even free to infect your system with nasty viruses. When something bad happens all you do is retrieve the last image file and all your mistakes are rolled back to the point where your computer was working perfectly. I installed IE7 Beta about a month ago, didn't like it, an
  3. Hi... Squirekat here (first post) I noticed this post by Tarun from Feb 8, 2006 and am not sure if it has been addressed or not but I have a fix. Here's the original post... "After I run ccleaner when I exit somtimes this error comes up ccleaner.exe - Application Error The instruction at "0x7c910f29" refrenced memory at "0x65747379" . The memory could not be "read" . Click OK to terminate the program" I noticed the same problem occasionally when restarting my computer. I would usually just wait a few seconds and my computer would terminate the program automatically as
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