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  1. joiner

    opera cookies

    Hi Installed CCleaner on my laptop, when running CCleaner, cookies for opera is blank out should i put a tick in the box or does opera need cookies
  2. When i run issues in Ccleaner this line comes up ,which ZoneAlarm say it is needed,and to report it to Ccleaner so they can update issues, [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ZAMailSafe\DefaultIcon] @="C:\\Program Files\\Zone Labs\\ZoneAlarm\\UpdClient.exe,-279" Please can you sort it out Mr G
  3. I have Hotfix uninstaller unchecked, but thanks for the information on it, will put back IE6
  4. I have installed IE7 Beta 3 first uninstalling IE7 Beta 2 (with Andy Manchestera instructions on how to remove IE7 Beta 2) and i have run Ccleaner no problems so far.
  5. Thank you for the advice.
  6. Updated to the latest verion of ZoneAlarm Pro 6.5.722 getting this line when i run Ccleaner I get this line in CCleaner Issues: invalid default: c:\program file\zone labs\zonealarm\updclient.exe,272\HKCR\ZAmailsafe\defaulticon. I only got this trouble when i updated to the latest version of zonealarm pro. posted this in ZoneAlarm forum but got no replys from them, can someone please help me
  7. I have put on Symantec Antivirus, running good, but when i run windows defender a box comes up with this, SYMANTEC TAMPER PROTECTION ALERT, Target: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec share\ccSetmgr.exe Events Info: Open Process Action Taken: Blocked Actor Process: C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe (PID 1188, 10 May 2006 22:48:46, there is a box in set up saying Block or Log or should i disable it
  8. HI I am useing IE 7. should i tick Autocomplete form history in the new Ccleaner 1.29.295 is not ticked in the box, if you click on it it says you will lose any saved passwords should i use it
  9. Andy sorted out mine, he is doing a good job on this forum, keep up the good work Andy, you are doing a good job to help people like me, Joiner
  10. Can you help me, i installed microsoft Explorer 7 Beta 2 March virsion, over Explorer 6, i ran CCleaner with hotfix unistallers ticked, now i can not unistall Explorer 7 Beta 2, back to Explorer 6. even with the updates box ticked, will i have to format my hard drive to get Explorer 6 back on, got Win XP pro
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