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  1. I'm not seeing the installation folder option in the list of custom choices.
  2. I have a system with a 128GB SSD for the OS so it's the C: drive. every app in the world wants to default to the C: drive bit I need to keep as much as possible off of C: and be able to install elsewhere. Is there a work-around to do this? If not, how about letting the user decide where to put install program?
  3. In these folders C:\Users\{USER NAME}\AppData\Local\Waterfox\Profiles\ and Users\{USER NAME}\AppData\Roaming\Waterfox\Profiles how do you tell what's a profile folder name? What I get in both cases is a folder named ndzlb29q.default, and in both cases there are subfolders and files, none of which are obviously anything about profiles.
  4. Firefox 7 breaks all the add-ons so is pretty useless for my needs. I was hoping that CCleaner would just see it is old Firefox and just clean it up, espcially the cookies, but it doesn't . I did find how to add lines to the ccleaner.ini file to add Waterfox and other Mozilla based browsers, but here's my problem. I cannot find ccleaner.ini anywhere on my PC. Where is it? Any help with this issue overall appreciated.
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