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  1. So what's the thinking behind such a change without giving the user the option to change the default? It always ticks me off when developers do that for no apparent reason. Advanced report is superior to all other views, so it makes no sense to not have an option to make that the default. Duh..
  2. Each FF or WF profile is stored in two locations: Local\Waterfox\Profiles\{profile folder} and Roaming\Waterfox\Profiles\{profile folder}. In general you should see the same exact folder names under both locations. The Local path contains the browser cache, while the Roaming path contains configuration files, extensions, cookies, etc. In your case, you have only one folder 'ndzlb29q.default' in both locations,which refers to your one and only profile called 'ndzlb29q.default'. So your .ini file should have these two lines CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:\Users\{USER NAME}\AppData\Local\Waterfox\Profiles\ndzlb29q.default CustomLocation2=FIREFOX|C:\Users\{USER NAME}\AppData\Roaming\Waterfox\Profiles\ndzlb29q.default Note: according to the CC guide, and as Andavari mentioned above, it should have worked if you just end the two lines at '\Profiles', so that it would clean all profiles, but that didn't work for me. You should try that to see if it may work for you. In CC you just need to tick the Firefox boxe to clean both FF and WF. If it works right, CC will display Waterfox cache cleaning together with Firefox cache. See image below. Also, you can keep track of your internet cache folder before and after cleaning with CC to see if the size is reduced. The cache is contained in Local\Waterfox\Profiles\{profile folder}\cache2. If you haven't cleaned in a while, it will grow quickly to many GB. After cleaning it should be 1-2 MB or less.
  3. Oh I tried ending the path at \profile many times, but it wouldn't work for Waterfox, and CC wouldn't detect the data in the profile folders. Only when I include the specific profile name in the path, CC sees the data. So if you have multiple profiles, you'll have to add the two lines for each profile. If anyone can figure out how to clean all Waterfox profiles with a single set of custom lines, please share.
  4. Just because it's based on FF doesn't mean CC can detect it. Waterfox has different profile paths which CC doesn't 'know'. I posted a solution here: https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=49017
  5. Hello, I finally managed to get CC to clean Waterfox cache, and I thought I would share my solution with other WF users. And no, CC does not clean Waterfox cache by default, even though WF is based on FF. That used to be true, when WF shared the same profile folder as FF, but not anymore. FF and WF have the same profile structure, so I followed the guide below (method 1), with some minor modifications : http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/advanced-usage/ccleaner-ini-files/how-to-clean-user-data-from-non-standard-mozilla-browsers On Windows 7 (and 10 I think) each Waterfox profile is stored in two folders with the same name (similar to FF): C:\Users\ {USER NAME}\AppData\Local\Waterfox\Profiles\{profile folder name} C:\Users\ {USER NAME}\AppData\Roaming\Waterfox\Profiles\{profile folder name} The 'local' folder contains internet cache, which is the bulk of the data to be cleaned, and the 'Roaming' path contains other things like history, cookies, session, site preferences, etc. I haven't created any additional profiles, so I just have the default one, and each folder name ends with 'default'. As per the guide, I added two lines to my "ccleaner.ini" file located in the CC program directory, so it looks like this: [Options] CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:\Users\{USER NAME}\AppData\Local\Waterfox\Profiles\{profile folder name} CustomLocation2=FIREFOX|C:\Users\{USER NAME}\AppData\Roaming\Waterfox\Profiles\{profile folder name} Just replace the correct user name and profile folder name in the path. That's it. Note 1: As someone else here mentioned, if you don't see the "ccleaner.ini" file in the CC folder, open ccleaner, go to options >> advanced, and enable "save all settings to ini file". Note 2: If you are using the portable version of WF, you may not need to add the profile folder name in the two lines, so each line should end with \Profiles. As of this post I used CCleaner v5.35, Waterfox v55.2.0, Windows 7 x64 Pro
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